How to Order an Iron Door

How to Choose the best door. Whether is for the main entrance or interior, your door is an important first impression when enter where you stay, where you live.


1. DIMENSIONS. Provide us with the dimensions of your door: overall width and height. If you have questions on how to measure you can ask us, or your contractor can measure for you.

2. DESIGN. Select a design. You can choose one from our website or you can send us your own: a picture, a drawing, or even a sketch by you will do!

3. QUOTE. Get a quote from us or choose a door from our specials.

4. DEPOSIT. Place a 50% deposit to start your order, and wait 1-2 business days to get a drawing with all the details of your door.

5. DESIGN CONFIRMATION. Sign, date and return the drawing with your correct measurements, door specs, and desired design.

6. SAMPLES. Receive samples of color and glass if needed, and inform us of your selections.

7. PROGRESS REPORT. Obtain progress pictures during the process of manufacture of your iron doors.

8. FINAL PAYMENT. Once the door is in final quality control, we will send you pictures and request the remaining balance.

9. SHIPMENT. The door leaves the factory upon 100% of paid balance and is on transit to you. You will then receive a tracking number and estimated time of arrival of your door.

10. UNLOADING. Customers outside of CA receive their doors curbside delivery. You must either a) have a fork-lift or front end loader or b) have a team of 3-5people to unload or c) have your door delivered to a business or d) pick up from your nearest terminal.


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