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About Zavala Doors San Diego

We were born in 1992, in Monterrey, Nuevo Leon, Mexico, where we were based the first two years. We continued our work in Tijuana over the following six years and in 2002, we started in the business of exporting our iron doors and have since served the U.S. market exclusively, working in accordance with Cal-OSHA regulations. In 2003, we started selling to all over the United States and we have proudly delivered Zavala Doors San Diego to the following states in the US.

Zavala Doors  San Diego And Others Iron Doors

You have to remember that the entrance is one of the most important part of your house. It is what greets you and your visitors, and it is the first impression you get from your house. It is well worth-it to INVEST in a piece that is going to last you quite a few years. Some of the customers who have bought their doors with us, call us to move their doors from their old house to their new one when they move because they like their Zavala Doors San Diego so much. Please take a look at the pictures attached, and let the pictures “speak” for themselves. And after you see the pictures, please take some time to read the quality specifications and details Zavala Doors San Diego encompass.


Inside and outside trim of the door
Our trims are 3”, the competitors don’t even have it. This trim adds beauty to your door by framing it, and the design of the door flows better with its surrounding. If you pay close attention you will find different levels in it as well, which make it more attractive to the eye.

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