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ESTIMATED COMPLETION DATE: According to your confirmation, please add 6 to 8 weeks upon submital of signed and approved work order. You will receive progress pictures during manufacture, please make sure to review them carefully.

ESTIMATED DELIVERY DATE: Once door is completed in manufacture, you will receive “final inspection pictures” and your final payment is due. Once payment is received, your doors start export process and will be dropped off at carrier’s terminal for delivery. After drop off, a PRO number and estimated time of arrival will be provided. Please note, this is an ESTIMATE, and not an exact date of when your door will arrive, so please don’t make installation or unloading arrangements until the carrier calls you to schedule an appointment for delivery. If the carrier hasn’t called you a day before the ETA, contact them at phone number provided. Use your Pro Number as a reference to your shipment.

UNLOADING INSTRUCTIONS: Please discuss this with the driver when he calls you to schedule the appointment for delivery. Due to the weight and size of these shipments, it will be the sole responsibility of the customer/consignee to unload the merchandise off of the truck and move the pallet to it’s storage or installation place. Their size prevents the truck’s lift gate from being used. You can unload the pallet off of the truck as follows:
  1. You can have a work crew/some friends with either a forklift or front end loader to remove the crates from the truck.

  2. You can unload the door without a forklift by unloading it in parts. The doors are packaged in a way where you can unload it as follows: frame, door, glass panes.

  3. The only other option for delivery will be to send the merchandise to a business that has a loading dock or a forklift. It would then be your responsibility to have it moved to the job site.

  4. YOU ONLY HAVE A MAX OF 20 MINUTES TO UNLOAD OTHERWISE YOU’LL BE CHARGED EXTRA. Also if you request to use the liftgate from their truck you will be billed extra, and the liftgate is not strong enough to hold the weight.

  5. Please plan accordingly.

IF YOU ARE A LOCAL CUSTOMER, THE PREVIOUS UNLOADING INSTRUCTIONS dont apply to you. After you provide your payment, the door starts it’s exporting process and it is delivered to our storage in San Diego. Once in San Diego, we will schedule a delivery appointment so you can receive your door to the address you provided on the design confirmation. The delivery time will be given as a window (just like cable and telephone company technicians work), where we will tell you between 12 and 4 i.e. We will then call you an hour to 2 hours before they get there so you can expect the delivery. Our delivery crew will unload and place the doors where you need them to be. Remember to sign the paperwork they will provide you upon their arrival.

INSTALLATION: Installation is not included in our service. Inside the crate you will find installations screws, touch-up paint cans, and the door sweep. Also you will find the installation manual, warranty information and key to your doors taped to the glass.

HOW TO PROPERLY CLEAN YOUR DOOR: Clean your door periodically to keep it looking new. Use liquid wax every 2 months on the surface and W40 oil in hinges from glass and doors. Don’t use any abrasive liquids since you can damage the finish of your door, and this wouldn’t be covered by our warranty. Don’t use water to clean your door.

FUTURE MAINTAINANCE/REPAIRS: Please contact our representative at sales@zavaladoors:com and customerservice@zavaladoors:com if your door needs maintenance or repairs to be performed. A service request has to be submitted along with pictures explaining the problem and an assessment will be performed to consider if it’s covered by warranty.


ZAVALA DOORS warrants its product to be free from defect in material and workmanship (excluding finish) for a period of FIVE (5) Years from the date of sale to the user and will repair or replace any defective product or parts at ZAVALA DOORS sole discretion. ZAVALA DOORS warrants product finish to be free from defect for a period of TWO (2) Years from the date of sale to the user and will repair at ZAVALA DOORS sole discretion. Since each ZAVALA DOORS product is handcrafted, there will be variances in the design, finish and overall appearance. Some designs may dictate that slight variances occur to preserve strength and rhythm of the design, depending upon the configuration of the door, gate, window, insert or any other product built by ZAVALA DOORS This warranty does not cover: non- ZAVALA DOORS products; (i.e. pullhandles, or items added to the unit after the sale); weather stripping, and threshold; products that have not been paid for in full; problems caused by improper storage, handling, installation, finishing, use, modification, or maintenance; Acts of God; accidents, including accidental glass breakage (Insulated Glass is covered by warranty provided by glass manufacturer); products subjected to conditions outside their design limitations; minor imperfections in the metal that do not affect the product's structural integrity; minor variations in finish color; normal wear or discoloration of finish (ZAVALA DOORS finishes may vary in places due to the frequency of use. ZAVALA DOORS does not consider this to be a defect, but rather a normal process, and over time enhances the naturally aging appearance of the metal and finish); finish problems caused by mechanical damage or abrasion; damage caused by acid rain, salt spray, or other corrosive elements; problems caused by high humidity (condensation and frost); discoloration of non-visible parts; wood rot due to improper maintenance or installation; or problems due to water leakage which is not the fault of the ZAVALA DOORS product. In no case does this warranty cover the costs of finishing any repaired or replacement product or component or any trim or other carpentry work that may be required. Replacement products will be the closest equivalent to current product and may not exactly match the original. The warranty on any replacement product will extend for the balance of the original warranty period. ZAVALA DOORS will not be responsible for problems or damages caused by deficiencies in building design, construction, maintenance, failure to install our products in accordance with approved methods,or the use of our products in systems, such as barrier wall systems, which do not allow for the proper management of moisture within the wall system. NEITHER ZAVALA DOORS. NOR ANY SELLER OF ZAVALA DOORS PRODUCTS WILL BE RESPONSIBLE FOR INCIDENTAL OR CONSEQUENTIAL DAMAGES (WHETHER UNDER THEORIES OF TORT, STRICT LIABILITY, CONTRACT, WARRANTY OR OTHERWISE) WHICH MAY RESULT FROM A PRODUCT DEFECT OR MALFUNCTION. SOME STATES DO NOT ALLOW THE EXCLUSION OR LIMITATION OF INCIDENTAL OR CONSEQUENTIAL DAMAGES, SO THE ABOVE LIMITATION OR EXCLUSION MAY NOT APPLY TO YOU.
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