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Zavala Custom Made Steel Windows & Doors

We design, manufacture, deliver and install custom made steel windows and doors for residential project in San Diego, Los Angeles and Riverside California. We have full control of the manufacture of your next window or door project. Steel windows and doors are custom made hand crafted here in the Americas, 30 minutes from our showroom, so we can ensure the process is right, the quality of the material is good and the end product is the best.

Zavala have been fabricating custom steel doors for more than 20 years. Despite there is an estimate of more than 1000 wrought iron companies in Internet providing doors to the USA, we are sure that we are the best.
Let us know when is a good time to help you getting your dream door come true!


Double Iron Doors

Pivot Doors

Iron Gates

Steel Windows & Doors
We own the factory 30 Minutes from our showroom in San Diego, CA and WE DON'T order from overseas factories as 90% of other iron door companies do.

We have invested 20 years to achieve perfection in every detail of the custom door, and to integrate a great team of people working with us and who every day give out the best. We sure you that your new custom iron door will have symmetry in design, quality in welding, excellence in polishing and care in packaging of your new door.

At Zavala Doors San Diego MANUFACTURE CUSTOM STEEL WINDOWS and ENTRY DOORS, BEAUTIFUL steel windows, pivot doors, sliding doors, folding doors, iron doors from contemporary designs to ornamental door designs.

Let us walk hand-in-hand with you through the crucial design phase and have art built into wrought iron doors. Our extensive experience brings your ideas to life, skillfully defined in your home’s most important feature – your entry door.
We have created thousands of forged steel windows and doors… your assurance that our quality and experience will exceed your expectations.

Since the beginning, we knew that the secret to our success, and our greatest asset, was our people and their experience. Some of our iron workers are the third generation, following the tradition of their grandfathers and fathers to artfully work with iron. Some of our Iron workers have been with us for 15 years, as you will be able to see in the quality of our work. Zavala Doors San Diego is a company comprised of a team of 12 workers, all working under the same mindset: Every time we make, hand-forged, paint, and sell a door, we do so with all the care and attention to detail as if the door were to our own home.

Personalized Customer Care

The company owner is always on site supervising your projects, making sure every single project is according to the client’s wants and needs and adding a human touch to our products. Also, we have QC personnel doing an over 80-point inspection on every door. Finally, you will be assisted by friendly and knowledgeable staff who will be more than happy to help you with your questions about our steel windows and doors.

Atention to Custom Iron Door Details

Just to give you an idea of the amount of detail that goes into our product, if the iron worker needs 5 days to complete the welding process, our painter will require 5 to prepare the paint. Over 80 man/hours go into each of the different steps undergone for the manufacturing each of our doors. We have over 20 years of experience working exclusively in Artistic Ironworks, an experience you will notice once you receive your custom iron door.
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